Where to Buy Towne Club Soda Pop ? (in Michigan)

(Last Updated On: July 23, 2012)

Detroit has seen it’s share of comebacks. The Lions have come back from being a 0-16 team to making the playoffs last season. That season included several exciting come from behind wins. Another comeback kid in Detroit is Towne Club soda. Not long ago this brand was difficult to find. But with a new look and a return to glass bottles (that cost 99 cents), it has made a tremendous comeback. They even have some new flavors like Honolulu Blue Cream Soda (a tribute to the aforementioned football team) and Michigan Cherry.

If you are looking to find these drinks here are list of chains stores that I have found carrying them. Not every store will carry each flavor. I will try to include the flavor selection at each store as I gather this information.

Plum Market
Nino Salvaggio
Holiday Market
Walmart (partial list: Michigan Cherry, Vanilla Cream, Honolulu Blue Cream Soda, City Rush)
Busch’s (Michigan Cherry, Strawberry, Orange)
Country Market
ACO Hardware (you can buy them by the case or mix in match in a carry home box)

I will update this list when I have more stores. Please share with me where you are finding it and what flavors.

Here are a list of the flavors that I have reviewed:
Towne Club Michigan Cherry
Towne Club City Rush
Towne Club Strawberry

15 Replies to “Where to Buy Towne Club Soda Pop ? (in Michigan)”

  1. Lindzyk00 says:

    They sell it @ Sam’s Club in Southgate, MI

  2. Shellys567 says:

    Bought it at walmart shelby township

  3. Fair View Corners in Mason, MI has it

  4. Found it at Kingmas market on Plainfield in Grand Rapids. Strawberry, City Rush, Honolulu Blue Cream, Orange.

  5. Kroger’s at Thirteen and Woodward in Royal Oak had Strawberry and Michigan Cherry today.

  6. Found them at a Walgreen’s in Eastpointe. A six pack is $5.59

    Vanilla Cream, Mango Orange, Honolulu Blue cream soda, City Rush,
    Pineapple Passion Fruit & Root beer. They carry a few other flavors
    just, don’t recall all of them.

    What a blast from the past, loving it!

  7. I have found many flavor s at Bueche in Ortonville Mi. Strawberry melon Honolulu Honolulu cream soda. Yellow one and purple one sorry cant recall name also many other. 🙂

  8. Jessica Mason says:

    Michigan cherry, Strawberry, Honolulu blue cream soda, & Orange are all available at the Endzone Party Store in St. Johns

  9. Eric Samuelson says:

    Thanks for the information! Do you have a favorite?

  10. Christian says:

    loved town club and want to know where we can find it………..

  11. Love Towne Club pineapple passion fruit . Found it only at A&A Market Jackson.

  12. trudyt olson says:

    Kroger carries various flavors also

  13. Me and my husband used have this when we were children and often thought about how wonderful it was we live in Lansing and wanted to see if we were still able to get it.

  14. Eric Samuelson says:

    Yes it has definitely made a comeback. Let me know if you need any suggestions of where to find it.

  15. patty martin says:

    Im 80 years old now but can remember going to our local beer and pop drive in store once a week to buy a case of town club pop on pay day, which was always on Saturday afternoon. I am so glad to read in the michigan home and lifestyle magizane that its available. I must find a store close by the bay city, michigan that sells it. I will buy a case and celebrate with my card club friends. yours truely, gramma martin

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