Where to Find Cotton Candy Grapes in 2013

(Last Updated On: August 14, 2015)

Where to Find Cotton Candy Grapes

**UPDATE** If you are looking for Where to Find Cotton Candy Grapes in 2014, check out my new store listing.

At first glance you see I am talking about Cotton Candy on the blog. You might think I came up with some way to make it in my kitchen using some basic household tool. That might be possible, I would have to research it more, but the reason cotton candy appears in this blog post’s headline is that I am found a grape that tastes just like cotton candy. No I am not kidding. No it was sprayed with some fake candy flavoring like those awful Grapples (apples with fake grape flavoring, yuck!). This is a natural flavor in this grape that truly reminds my taste buds of cotton candy. Marketing these grapes as such is a no brainier.

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The Cotton Candy grape variety was created by the Grapery. They were founded by Jack Pandol in 1996. Their passion is flavorful grapes. It’s so sad to see the state of grapes in our country. Most people don’t really know what a good grape taste like. They are accustomed to those red or green, and sometimes black balls of flavorless sugar water. People don’t want interfor grapes in their wine, so why do they accept them in their child’s lunch box? That’s why I am so excited to see a company like the Grapery come along trying to bring flavor back to the grape. Here is an awesome video about the Grapery from their website. I love the company’s slogan “Flavor. It’s in our nature.” That is the way it should be.

Where to Find Cotton Candy Grapes

Are Cotton Candy Grapes GMO?

Absolutely NOT! It’s good old fashion breeding. The question was answers in a segment on Good Morning America on August the 3rd. They used hand pollination techniques to test out new varieties. It has taken over a decade for this variety to hit the marketplace. A lot of hard work went into bringing these grapes to the public. It’s nice to see shows like GMA and Ryan Seacrest’s radio show covering this new variety.

Cotton Candy Grapes From Vine to Your Store

My First Experience

It was a big grocery day for us. I brought my two daughters with me to Hiller’s in Ann Arbor. I was mainly there to get some meat as I like their quality, prices, and selection. As I was walking through the produce section, something caught my eye. A bags of grapes with a large pink stripe on them with the words “Cotton Candy”. I was so pumped. I heard about these grapes a year ago when I was looking up the Sweet Celebration red grapes we were selling when I worked at Produce Station in Ann Arbor. I headed over to that display as fast as I could. I got to sample one and I wanted to start dancing in the aisles. Never I have I had a grape that tasted like this one. It completely lived up to it’s own hype.

Cotton Candy Grapes on Chopped

In December 2013, an episode of the popular Food Network show, Chopped, had cotton candy grapes as a mystery basket ingredient. It was an episode featuring teen chefs looking to win a culinary school scholarship. The Cotton Candy grapes were in the final dessert round. The winner of the show got really excited when he saw the grapes.

Where to Buy Cotton Candy Grapes in 2013?

This is by no means a complete list. These are some of the locations (including store chains and distributors) they have have or are suppose to get in Cotton Candy grapes in 2013. Contact your specific store for availability. Keep in mind this is a relatively new product to the marketplace so availability may not be wide spread until further seasons. So this list is meant to be a guideline of places to contact not a for sure list, so no threats against me if you don’t find them there! Promise me! If you find them at any place on this planet, please let us know in the comment section below. That information may make some one’s day. Cotton Candy grapes are only available in the month of August. Make sure you look out for Witch Finger grapes also grown by the Grapery in stores that sell the Cotton Candy grapes.

If you are a grape lover like me, you will want to check out my Top 5 favorite grapes that you can grow yourself!

If you are looking for Where to Find Cotton Candy Grapes in 2014, check out my new store listing.

Store Listings for 2013

The Fresh Market


Sprouts Farmers Market (confirmed sighting in Pasadena and Thousand Oaks)
Gelsons (confirmed in Tarzana, CA)
Urban Radish (Los Angeles)
Berkeley Bowl
Nob Hill
Sweet Surrender (Bakersfield)
El Rancho Market (Santa Ynez CA – confirmed)

Sprouts Farmers Marke

Fresh Market stores

Fresh Market stores

Fresh Market stores

Idylwilde Farms
Big Y
Roche Bros

Fresh Market stores

Hillers (this is where I bought them!)



Sprouts Farmers Market

New Jersey
Delicious Orchards
B.F. Mazzeo Produce
Nature’s Reward Farm Market
Sickles Market

New York
Fresh Direct
Grace Market

North Carolina
Fresh Market stores

Giant Eagle Market District
Dorothy Lane Markets
Chief Markets

Iovine Brothers Produce in the Reading Terminal Market
Di Bruno Bros
Max’s Produce
Rittenhouse Market
Gentile’s Market
Tanner Brother

Central Markets
HEB Plus (confirmed in Cypress TX)
Sprouts Farmers Market

7 Replies to “Where to Find Cotton Candy Grapes in 2013”

  1. Will you have your cotton candy grapes anywhere in Oregon?

  2. Eric Samuelson says:

    I have not heard anything about them being in Oregon as of yet. If I find anything I will let you know.

  3. They’re also available @ Fresh Market in FL, IF YOU CAN GET THEM! I’ve been trying to get them for my daughter but they sell out early every AM! Also heard they’re developing other flavors such as Skittles, can’t wait!

  4. Melissa Daniels says:

    Publix on Tiny Town Road in Clarksville, TN has them also! Bought them for the first time today, they were 3.99 but really good!

  5. Eric Samuelson says:

    Glad you found them and enjoyed them! That is the price I see quite often, although the last time I went to my local source for them, they were down to $1.99/pound.

  6. I had cotton candy grapes in Texas:) OMG…. Back home in New Hampshire , I asked our local supermarkets??? All I got was what?? I said do some research… Course they haven’t!!! I will give them this website!!! Thank you love love these grapes:) goes good wine wine:)

  7. I found the Cotton Candy grapes at QFC in Federal Way, WA. A produce worker offered me one to taste. I immediately bought 2 pounds. despite the price being substantially more than other grapes, I bought about 12-15 pounds in three weeks. I can hardly wait for next August!

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