Best Turkey Deals or Sales in Michigan (2013)

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Best Turkey Prices in Michigan for 2013

It’s time! It’s an annual tradition around here to write about the best turkey sales and deals that you can find around my home state of Michigan. Where will you get your turkey this year? Are you buying a whole turkey or just looking for a turkey breast? Hopefully for those in the Great Lakes State you can use this guide to make your turkey shopping easier. I will be adding to the list of stores and prices as the information becomes available. We have a longer Thanksgiving season this year than last year, so more time to shop!

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Whole Foods Market
Two locations in Ann Arbor, as well as stores in Troy, Rochester Hills, Midtown Detroit and West Bloomfield.
Nature’s Rancher Fresh Turkey | $2.49/lb
Larry Schultz Organic Turkey | $3.99/lb
Valerie’s Family Organic Brined Whole Turkey | $2.49/lb
Bone-in Turkey Breast | $4.99/lb
Boneless Turkey Breast | $6.99/lb
Organic Bone-In Turkey Breast | $6.99/lb
Whole Kosher Turkey | $2.99/lb

The Produce Station
Ann Arbor
Michigan-Raised Tom Otto’s Farm (Middleville, Michigan) White Broad-Breasted Fresh Turkey for $3.99/lb. Otto turkeys are hormone and antibiotic-free!

Various locations throughout the state. Prices may be slightly different in each store, check your store to be sure.
Get $10 off a Hen turkey (10-15 lb) with an additional $20 purchase.
Get $17 off a Tom turkey (over 16 lbs) with an additional $20 purchase.

Arbor Farms
Ann Arbor
1) Michigan Fresh Turkey, Pasture-raised | $3.99/lb.
From the Circle B Turkey Farm in the northwestern Michigan community of Mancelona, where Jim Biehl and family have been raising turkeys for over 50 years. The birds are allowed to graze the pasture during daylight hours; as night falls they are chased back into the brooder barns for safety. The turkeys have ample room to run and exercise, dine on bugs and grasshoppers, and roost under beautiful shade trees as nature intended. Their forage diet is supplemented with a non-GMO, all-vegetarian feed. No growth hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products are used in the feed. Artificial fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides are never used on the farm. Our Michigan turkeys are grazing on bugs and grasses and roaming freely, giving them an unmatched texture and flavor. Order early, we will sell out!

2) Peacock Fresh Amish Country Turkey | $2.49/lb.
This is the same quality turkey that we’ve been enjoying for over 25 years: natural (no preservatives or additives), minimally-processed without growth hormones, and fresh from farms in the Midwest.

3) Mary’s Organic Turkey | $4.99/lb.
Certified USDA organic and fed a vegetarian-based diet of organic grains. Growth hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products are never used. Humanely-raised “free-range” on a certified organic farm in California

Trader Joe’s
Ann Arbor, Northville, Farmington Hills, Royal Oak, Rochester Hills, and Gross Pointe
Trader Joe’s Brined, Fresh, Young, All Natural Turkeys (12-22 pound birds) for $1.99 per pound
Glatt Kosher, Fresh, Young, All Natural Turkeys (12-16 pound birds) for $2.49 per pound.

Country Market
Jackson, Chelsea, Brooklyn, Adrian, and Dexter
Honeysuckle Frozen Turkey $1.29/pound

Ann Arbor, Berkley, Commerce Township, Northville, Plymouth, Union Lake, and West Bloomfield.
Timber Valley Farms Fresh Amish Turkeys (Non-Injected and Gluten Free) $1.49/lb
Northern Pride Frozen Turkey $.99/lb
Empire Kosher Turkey Breast $4.29/lb
Empire Kosher Frozen Turkey $2.99/lb
Empire Fresh Kosher Turkey $3.49/lb
Bell & Evans Fresh Hen Turkey (Antibiotic Free-Vegetable Fed) $3.29/lb
Blackwing Organic Hen Turkey $4.49/lb

Various locations throughout the state. Prices may be slightly different in each store, check your store to be sure.
Kroger Frozen Turkey $.69/lb (Limit 1 with additional $10 purchase)
Private Selection or Honeysuckle Turkey $1.39/lb
Butterball Frozen Turkey $1.69/lb
Butterball Fresh Turkey $1.79/lb

Vince & Joe’s Gourmet Market
Clinton Township and Shelby Township
Grade A Bone-In Turkey Breast $1.49/lb
They are taking orders for Peacock 100% All Natural Fresh Amish Young Turkeys, Bell & Evans Fresh All Natural Turkey, and Bell & Evans Fresh All Natural Organic Turkey

Ann Arbor, Saline, Clinton, Tecumseh, Dexter, Pinckney, South Lyon, Plymouth/Northville, Carleton, Livonia, Novi, Farmington Hills, West Bloomfield, and Rochester Hills.
Jennie-O Frozen Grade A Turkey 67¢ Per Pound (with an additional $25 Purchase. $1.59 Per Pound Without Additional $25.00 Purchase. Limit 1 Offer)

Neiman’s Family Market
Locations in Alpena, Tawas, and St. Clair.
Spartan Frozen turkeys for $.69/lb with an additional $25 purchase
Spartan Frozen Bone-In Turkey Breast for $1.59/lb

Locations in Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Norton Shores, Muskegon Heights, Newaygo, N. Muskegon, and Whitehall.
Spartan brand Frozen Turkeys for $.97/lb with additional $25 purchase
Spartan brand Fresh Turkeys for $1.59/lb

Tom’s Food Market
Locations in Traverse City, Williamsburg, Northport, and Interlochen.
They have coupons in their ad for $10 off any 12-18lb Spartan or Butterball frozen turkeys or Spartan fresh turkeys. Or you can get $17 off any 18.01 lb or larger Spartan or Butterball frozen turkeys or Spartan fresh turkeys.

If Toledo, Ohio is a short trip across the border for you:

The Fresh Market
TFM Fresh Whole Turkey, Never Given Antibiotics. Vegetarian Diet for $2.29/lb

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