Rachael Ray’s Maple-Worcestershire Gravy

Maple-Worcestershire Gravy

Maple-Worcestershire Gravy

How much thought do you put on gravy? It is something you just throw together at the last second without much forethought or worse yet does it come out of a can or jar? Gravy is the sauce that ties the whole meal together from the turkey to the potatoes. I think you need to make it good. A good gravy can help cover up any turkey shortcomings. I am always up for trying out new gravy recipes. I saw that Rachael Ray had a recipe for a Maple-Worcestershire gravy. I thought that sounded interesting, let’s give it a go. You can print the recipe off at Food Network’s website. Here are my notes from this recipe.

Maple-Worcestershire Gravy

1. This gravy is made with a roux, which is how I like to make my gravy. Easier to thicken when you incorporate the fat and flour before adding any liquid. I also take advice from Alton Brown and replace half the flour with potato starch. By using two different types of flours it helps the gravy from becoming a solid mass shortly after finishing it.

2. To make this gravy really wow, you got to use the best ingredients. I like Lea & Perrins Low Sodium Worcestershire. They have been doing it since 1835, so they know what they are doing. It has the best flavor of any Worcestershire I have had. I also like their low sodium version as it gives me more control over the salt content.

3. For the maple syrup make sure you go dark. A Grade B or Dark Amber syrup would be best. There are a lot of bold flavors in this gravy, so you need a bold syrup to stand up with them.

4. I like to make the gravy in a frying pan. I like the wide open spacing for whisking. And I feel the gravy thickens up so much faster with a wider surface area. Just be careful to keep on eye on it, so you don’t burn it.

This was a mighty tasty gravy. It was unlike any gravy I have ever had. That being said, I didn’t really like it on the potatoes by themselves. The sweetness wasn’t working for me with the mashers. Though I do think it would be great just on turkey itself where the sweetness would enhance the meat. My 5 year old did not want any part of this gravy. I was happy and disappointed at the same time with this recipe.

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