Costco Food Finds – January 2017

(Last Updated On: January 18, 2017)

Welcome to 2017!!!! I am late this month with the Costco Food Finds post. My family and I had to move to a new house. The info has been ready to go since the start of the month, but the time to hit publish has not been there til now. For the record, let me tell you moving in the winter with 3 kids was never on my bucket list. We still have some loose ends to tie up – like a massive entertainment center that we need to move out and donate. For the moment I will put that out of my mind and focus in on what Costco has to offer this month.

Made in Detroit – McClure’s Pickles

McClure’s Pickles | 2 jars 32oz jars for $8.89
This one might be more of a regional item, but I wanted to give Costco a shoutout for carrying a local product. McClure’s Pickles are made in Detroit and are extremely popular in here in Michigan. It’s good to see Costco carrying Michigan made!

A great deal on the versatile chia seed.

Nature’s Intent Organic Chia Seeds | 2 pound bag for $7.49 ($3.75/lb)
In the last several years, chia seeds have become all the rage. At $3.75 a pound this is a good deal. But what are you going to use all the seeds for? Growing an army of chia pets? Chia seeds are great at thickening whatever they are in. You can use them to make pudding, in gravies, in meatballs, and much more. Checkout Wellness Mania for 27 different ways to use chia seeds.

Love the strawberry prices going on right now.

Strawberries | 2 pound clamshell for $4.99 ($2.49/lb)
Prices on berries change quite frequently. The price I gave is that one I found on January 2nd. Know this, this time of year strawberries are a better price. The reason is that there is plenty of supply coming in from Mexico and Florida to go along with what California is producing. Read more about strawberries prices in this post – What Time of the Year are Strawberries Cheapest.

Blueberries are priced low this month

Blueberries | 18oz clamshell for $3.99 ($3.55/lb)
Just as strawberry prices are rocking, so are the blueberries. Imported blueberries are at really good prices right now. Lowest I have seen in years in the winter. Most of the time they aren’t as sweet as I would want but you might get lucky every once and a while. My kids are just excited to see the in the house again, they don’t care. I still miss my summer berries.

The last of the California grape crop.

Scarlotta Seedless Red Grapes | 4 pound clamshell for $9.99 ($2.50/lb)
I love the grapes from SunWorld. I love that they actually list the variety of grape are in their containers. That way I can know what I am going and know that it is a good grape, not just a red grape. There are numerous grape varieties in stores that never get a label beyond their color. The Scarlotta variety is a late variety, the last of the California grape season. I was lucky to find them into January. Most grapes should be from South America around this time.

Scarlotta is a good, red grape. Crisp. Sweet. Good flavor. They also grow the wonderful Sable seedless grape, available each summer.

The same variety of grape that the Grapery calls Moon Drops.

Sweet Sapphire Seedless Black Grapes | 4 pound clamshell for $9.99 ($2.50/lb)
Speaking of grapes from South America, I found these Sweet Sapphire Seedless grapes at Costco at the same time. If you are a huge grape fan or a fan of this blog, the shape of this grape make look familiar. This is the generic name for the Moon Drop grapes from Grapery. They are have an unique elongated shape. Though these are the same variety they do not taste anywhere near as good as the Grapery’s. They were smaller in size and not quite as crisp, definitely not as sweet. Could be they are a newer crop down there, or also might be because, well Grapery just grows them better. Still look out for them for something unique if you haven’t seen a grape this shape before.

A big chunk of prime beef brisket.

Whole Prime Beef Brisket | $2.99/lb
Very rare to see prime beef at this low of a price. This is for the entire brisket. May not be bad to grab some now and freeze it to make corned beef for St. Patrick’s Day in a couple months. Or if you live in a climate where cooking outdoors is still a fun option, you can have a big BBQ.

Under $4 a pound for mild sliced provolone

Belgiooso Sliced Mild Provolone | $7.59 for 32oz package ($3.80/lb)
I decided to give this cheese a try after my daughter told me she liked it after sampling some in the store. When we got home she wouldn’t eat it. Of course. We ended up actually using a lot of this cheese to make english muffin pizzas for a quick dinner as we were packing the house. It melted beautifully and was more flavorful than mozzarella. However be warned. The cheese is smelly. My family did not appreciate that!

Costco Snacks – January 2017

Each month I am going to highlight some of the best, healthy snacks you an buy at Costco.

Bags of Montmorency Tart Cherries, one of my favorite dried fruits
My daughter is excited to take home the dried cherries

Kirkland Dried Montmorency Cherries | 20oz for $7.99 ($6.40/lb)
I miss cherries. Winter time you do see some imported cherries but they usually taste no better than sawdust. I love the Kirkland Montmorency cherries. They are a tart cherry variety with really good flavor. Yes, they have added sugar. No way I could choke them down otherwise. For a sweet snack you definitely could do worse. These cherries are great for baked goods or on top of a salad.

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