Where to Buy Sumo (Citrus) Mandarins 2017

(Last Updated On: February 3, 2018)
The Sumo display at Whole Foods Ann Arbor, created by master produce set builder, Matt Grajek.

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Citrus lovers. Gather around. Let me tell you about the mighty Sumo Citrus. A mandarin the size of a Navel orange. Easy to peel. Tender segment that are juicy, without being messy. Rich flavor that surpasses them all. Oh I love this fruit. It’s a Michigander’s dream on a cold, blistery January day when your memories of the sun are only that, memories.

Sumo Citrus – it’s time for your close up!

How Does this Year’s Sumo Citrus Crop Look

Each year, I try to spread the word on where to find the Sumo. But before I get to that information, let me share with you what I heard about this year’s crop from one of their growers, Jonelle George.

“As the trees have matured each year, harvest has come incrementally earlier. And–yes–I am still very passionate about the Sumo. I am so happy to say that, so far, the crop quality is amazing this year. There should be a much larger supply this year than last. This is good news because we had a very hard time meeting demand last year.”

More Sumos this year! That is music to my ears.

SumoCitrusStorySmallWant to learn about the amazing story on behind how Sumo Citrus got growing, read Sumo Citrus – From Tree To Your Hands, The Story of the Most Delicious Citrus Variety on Earth.

Where to Find Sumo Citrus in 2017?

You won’t find Sumo Citrus in just any old store. They typically are carried by the most high end chains and specialty stores. Whole Foods Market has always been a huge Sumo Citrus supporter as you can see in this Instagram photo below.

The prettiest of all citrus displays (in our humble opinion). Nice work, @wholefoodsdfw! #SUMOcitrus

A photo posted by SUMO Citrus (@sumocitrus) on

As I hear about them, I will list store locations in parentheses that have had confirmed Sumo sightings. If you find them at a store not in this list, let me in the comment section below and I will add it. Also make sure to check out my frequently asked Sumo questions right after the store listings.

Southern California

Galleria Market / HK Market
Gelson’s Markets
Koreatown Plaza Market
Whole Foods Market (confirmed in Westwood)
Nijiya Market
Mitsuwa Marketplace
Grow – The Produce Shop
Bristol Farms

Northern California

Sigona’s Farmers Market
Berkeley Bowl Marketplace (confirmed)
Market Hall
Old McDonald’s Farmers Market
Capitola Village Market
Monterey Market
Andronico’s Community Markets
Whole Foods Market
Lunardi’s Markets
Zanotto’s Family Markets
Nugget Markets
Piazza’s Fine Foods
Draeger’s Market
Safeway (select Northern California locations)
DeMartini Orchard
Nijiya Market

Outside California

Roth’s Fresh Market
Dan’s Fresh Supermarket
Nijiya Market
Baldor Specialty Foods
Times Supermarket – Hawaii
Super 1 Foods Idaho, Montana
Earthfare Market
Safeway (Select Locations)
Kroger (Select Locations)
Gourmet Garage
Fresh Direct
Zupan’s Markets
Brennan’s Country Farm Market
Jungle Jim’s International Market
Wegman’s Food Markets (confirmed in Leesburg, VA)
H Mart
Metropolitan Market
West Side Markets
The Fresh Market
Whole Foods Market (Confirmed in Ann Arbor, MI, Littleton, CO, Cincinnatti, OH, Portland, OR, Bellevue, WA, Tuscon, AZ)
Foodland & Sack & Save Supermarkets Hawaii
Town & Country Markets
Dorothy Lane Market
Eataly NYC
QFC (confirmed in Seattle area)

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Those are some beautiful Sumos.
Sumo Citrus Mandarins

Sumo Citrus Searched Questions

Here are a list of questions about Sumos that I got last season that brought people to my blog.

How to Send/Order Sumo Citrus
They currently are not being offered for direct purchase or online sales. If that option becomes available I update you.

Can You Use Sumo Citrus Zest?
Yes you can. I have used it in two recipes (for fudge and for cookies). You can also use it on chicken, in salad dressings, and anything else you would use orange zest for. As Sumos are on the expensive side (click here to read why) you might as well get the most bang for your buck and use the zest in your cooking.

Are Sumo oranges the same as Honeybells?
No. They are completely different varieties. Honeybells are type of tangelo, just like a Mineola. Yes they do both have a similar top. Honeybells and Mineolas tender to be smaller in size with a dark, smoother skin. They are also much harder to peel. The only reason thing is common is the nob on top of the fruit.

Should I Store Sumo Citrus in the Fridge?
Yes. That will extend their life. If you plan to eat them right away, you don’t need to worry about it.

Where Can I Buy Sumo Citrus trees?
You can’t. They can only be grown by license growers. Click here to read why.

When are Sumo oranges due in stores?
As I mentioned at the top of this post, one of the growers said that as the trees have matured they are producing fruit earlier and earlier. Now you can expect them just after the beginning of the new year in early to mid January.

SUMO Citrus Recipes

These are a couple recipes I came up with that utilize Sumo Citrus. I plan to add more in the future.
Sumo Citrus Fudge
SUMO Citrus Fudge
SUMO Citrus Sugar Cookies

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  1. JUST PURCHASED SUMOS IN South Jersey at Wegman’s. (Moorestown, and Cherry Hill stores). Hoping to find at Costco, as they carried them a couple years ack, but will go in knowing exactly what is charged per pound and per case elsewhere first to see if we’re really saving. (Sharing a case is a good option among friends or family if, like us, just two people cannot consume them fast enough. Bought some of the Sumo orange juice also offered at Wegman’s which was fantastic and fantastically expensive. Just add a splash of vodka and the cost as a bar drink doesn’t seem as bad.

  2. Eric Samuelson says:

    Thanks for sharing. Glad you found them. I have heard of the juice before. I knew Whole Foods did it, this is my first time hearing that Wegman’s does as well. I am sure it is delicious and that it was quite expensive.

  3. kathy wyrick says:

    I know you had Krogers on your list ,but i just couldnt resist adding my two cents ;we have them in Knoxville,Tennessee at Krogers,i was afraid to buy them,never trying them before ,but now i am rushing back to get some after reading your article,thanks bunches..

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