Farmers’ Creamery Cheese Curds

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2010)

Farmers Creamery Cheese Curds A great way to enjoy cheese is in curd form. Whether it is cottage cheese or cheese curds, I love to eat my curds! Cottage cheese is pretty easy to find, but you may have to do some hunting for cheese curds (unless you live in Wisconsin, where pretty much every place with a cash register has them). Today I am going to review some cheese curds I picked up at Whole Foods, made by Farmers’ Creamery. I reviewed their delicious chocolate milk earlier. The cheese curds were as equally good. They have a wonderful creamy flavor. It’s a flavor that can only be produced by grass fed cows. The curds are all natural, no added colors, so the cheese is white. These cheese curds make the perfect snack, but be careful not to devour the whole bag in one setting, I know it’s tempting.

Where to Buy
Check your local Whole Foods store, they are the only ones that I know of that carry Farmers’ Creamery products.