Food For Our Brood- Hiding Ground Turkey In Soup

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2013)

Phew- I kind of fell off the wagon last week, but I’m back on!

Today the kids ate:

Grace and Faithy- Three Sisters Sweet Wheat cereal, milk
Little Guy- Banana spears and puffed brown rice

Grace and Faithy- Ground turkey soup (see recipe below), sliced strawberries, sliced baby gouda cheese
Little Guy- Quinoa and ground turkey, blueberry yogurt

Grace and Faithy- Brown rice and quinoa mix, sauteed boneless chicken thigh cut into bite sized pieces, green beans (Faithy ate 1 bite of rice, that was all.)
Little Guy- Diced pears, diced baby gouda cheese

Hiding Ground Turkey in a Delicious Soup

Our precious little Faithy never (OK, maybe once or twice) chooses to eat any sort of meat. Not even …gasp…hot dogs! Even so, we have found a way to sneak it into her without her noticing too much. This recipe came about on accident. It was late, there was no dinner planned, and the kids were starving. All I could find in the fridge was 2 leftover turkey meatballs from the night before. Neither of the girls ate them, but I still was determined to get them to try again. I decided to shred the turkey meatballs up into tiny bits so small that they wouldn’t notice them in a soup full of fun shaped pasta and yummy turkey stock. It worked! Faithy gobbled up her bowl and asked for more, I was so excited! Here’s the recipe:

Ground Turkey and Pasta Soup

Author: Donna Samuelson
Serves: 6 kid-sized servings
A great way to entice your child to eat meat and include some delicious ingredients that you know they’ll love!
  • 1/4lbGround Turkey
  • 8oz Whole Wheat Mini-pasta (such as stars, ABC’s or Farfarle)
  • 2C Turkey or Chicken Stock
  • 1C Water
  • 1 Carrot, grated
  • Salt to taste
  1. Bring the turkey stock and water to a boil in a large pot.
  2. Add pasta and cook until al dente.
  3. While pasta is cooking,season the turkey with salt and pepper, and brown in a non-stick pan.
  4. Add the turkey and grated carrot to the pot and stir.
  5. Cook soup for 5 minutes at a simmer.
  6. Serve!