“Sumo Citrus” Mandarins Hit Stores in February 2013

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2013)

Ok I admit I am big produce nerd. Which is good because that’s my day job. It’s also good because I stay on the cusp of what is cool and new in the produce world and pass it along to you – my audience.

Last year one of the most amazing (and largest) mandarins hit the market place – the Sumo. It’s sumo wrestler looking top combined with it’s orange cream like flavor, has gotten me excited about sinking my teeth into one of these again this year. You aren’t going to like those boring Clementines that are flying off the shelve everywhere after you take your first bite of Sumo!

I just heard from the growers themselves that they hope to begin shipping the first week of February and that we should be enjoying them the next time the government takes a Monday off (President’s Day).

For more info on availability check out the official Sumo site. Also make sure to read my post from last year when I first became acquainted with this awesome piece of citrus.

If you want to learn more, take a moment to play this YouTube video on the history of the Sumo.