What to Expect from Grapery in 2015

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2015)

Cotton Candy Grapes with Bag

In the 5 year plus history of my blog, no topic has generated as much excitment as the posts about cotton candy grapes. I mean come on, these grapes really taste like cotton candy! How could you not be excited? Grapery has a huge hit on their hands with cotton candy and good news is that the amount available this coming year will double last year’s production (look for them August 10 to September 20). For a list of store expecting to carrying the grapes in 2015, check out my post “Where to Find Cotton Candy Grapes 2015“.

There is more that the Grapery has up it’s sleeve for 2015. Here is what to expect from America’s most exciting grape growers. Please note that no GMOs were used in the making of these grapes!

Moon Drop grapes

Moon Drops
Are you ready for some Moon Drops? If you’re lucky you saw these grapes last season. They were in the Witch Finger line last year. Compared to the original red Witch Finger grape, the shape is larger and the grapes have a blunt end. In 2015, these grapes are being separated and re-named Moon Drops. I think this is a fantastic idea. While both grapes have a more elongated shape, the now Moon Drops didn’t really resemble a finger. No matter what you name them, you will be calling them delicious. I am in love with the texture of these grapes as well. They will be more readily available this year and in years to come. They are easier to grow than Cotton Candy grapes and still have a fantastic flavor. Below you will see a picture of a 1 year old Moon Drop vine (I got a chance to tour the vineyards back in March) They will continue to grow this year, and next year will start producing a crop. Moon Drops should be available August 20 to October 15.

Grapery Vineyard

Photo courtesy of http://www.grapery.biz
Photo courtesy of http://www.grapery.biz

Flavor Pops
Grapery will once again be offering their Flavor Pops series this year. They are a very limited edition release with grapes the Grapery is experimenting with – what other company does something that cool?! Some varieties are still not even named yet. If you got your hands on them last year you were a lucky camper (I didn’t even have that honor). They are so limited some stores receive a single case and trust me if I worked at that store I would make sure that the case never saw the light of the sales floor! If you get the chance to see them this year, don’t hesitate, grab and run! You may be experiencing the next grape sensation that will sweep the nation. Flavor Pops are in season August 20 to September 15.

Photo courtesy of http://www.grapery.biz
Photo courtesy of http://www.grapery.biz

Gum Drops
If you mouth isn’t drooling yet, get ready for Gum Drops. They are a variety that has graduated from the Flavor Pops series. They are ready to shine on their own. Jack Pandol of Grapery said that these grapes were taste tested with Cotton Candy, and most people preferred them over Cotton Candy! Talk about a ringing endorsement. I am a big fan of gum drops, especially the ones sold at Whole Foods, so I am really pumped about these grapes. They have very limited availability this season, look for them September 1 to September 30.

Sweet Surrender Grapes

Flavor Promise
While their distinctive varieties are getting all the attention, don’t overlook their Flavor Promise grapes. These grapes with a traditional flavor that they promise will deliver on that flavor. They strive to meet that promise each and every time out. Here is a chart of the Flavor Promise grapes and when they will be availability.

Variety Availability
Sweet Celebration August 20 to October 10
Sweet Surrender July 20 to Labor Day (Sept 6)
Autumn Royal October 1 to December 15
Crimson Seedless October 15 to December 15
Sweet Jubliee August 10 to September 1
Red Globe September 15 to December 1

The Future Is In Your Hands
Grapery cares about what their customers think. It’s a reason they offer their Flavor Promise grapes. If you don’t like them, or any of their products, let them know. They will offer your money back. Jack said they did send refunds last year, although a very small amount of people asked for them. They want to produce great tasting grapes that customers will buy because of their outstanding flavor. So the future is in your hands. They are waiting for your feedback. Speak up and give it to them. Don’t underestimate the power of your voice. Grapery doesn’t.

Click here for a calendar of Grapery’s 2015 season. Print it out and put in on your fridge!

10 Replies to “What to Expect from Grapery in 2015”

  1. I love hearing about what is coming from the Grapery. I wait all year for the grapes to get into the stores.

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  3. Your grapes r the best in the world…can’t wait for it to come back in my store…my mom introduced me to them and now I’m hooked…customer for life.

  4. Cerise Karpinski says:

    I would love to try your cotton candy grapes the most & also witch finger & moon drops. I live in Michigan but the stores you sell them at are not by me. I know you sell them at Kroger & we have 2 Krogers in Jackson,Michigan Can you please sell them at our locations. Also is there a chance you will sell them at Walmart & Meijer?

  5. Eric Samuelson says:

    I am just writing about the company, I don’t work for them although I have met and talked to their owners. Kroger carried the Cotton Candy grapes last season. Grapery doesn’t have enough grapes to supply a store as large as Walmart, plus the price point would be too high for what Walmart would want. Their grapes cost more because of the labor it takes to produce them. Meijer might be a possibility in the future. They will release more information on what stores you can find the grapes in when the season gets closer.

  6. Please make them available in our 2 Kroger stores in Jackson, Michigan(Cotton Candy Grapes) I am telling everyone to watch out for them.

  7. I am addicted to moon drops. They are delicious

  8. We wait all year for the Flavor Promise grapes! They are the best we have ever eaten!

  9. Leslie Hegamaster says:

    Just bought the first Moon Drop grapes I’ve seen at Giant Foods in Rehoboth Beach, DE. What an incredible fruit! The first 2 lbs will last for five minutes. Maybe. What do they cost? I do not know and do not care..they are that delicious!

  10. Eric Samuelson says:

    Awesome! I am glad that were able to find them. They are unique and so good. And your right, who cares what they cost (truth be told, Grapery puts a lot of extra effort into producing such flavorful grapes, so that extra cost is worth it)

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