Costco Christmas Beef Tenderloin & Prime Rib Roast Prices 2014

(Last Updated On: December 20, 2015)

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Turkey is well established as the go-to protein of Thanksgiving. Christmas it isn’t so clear. I grew up on ham for Christmas. Many bring the bird back one month later for another go-around. Those things are good and all, but Christmas only comes once a year. I say it’s time to roast a big chunk of beef. The best two options are beef tenderloin and prime rib. I have been told that warehouse stores like Costco are the best plays to get these hunks of cow as the best prices. Is it true? I headed out to my local Costco to find the answer.

Meat Price
Choice Ribeye Roast Boneleess $9.99/lb
The same hunk of meat that Ribeye steaks are cut from. A lot of flavor and a good option if you don't want to deal with the bone.
Choice Standing Rib Roast $9.69/lb
I myself prefer bone-in meat. It means more flavor. This is my favorite meat for Christmas dinner. Christmas is a special time of year and this is the only time of year where you can easily find this roast. This is what Prime Rib is cut from except this is Choice beef not prime beef. My Costco did not have any true Prime Rib during my visit. Even with choice beef you can have a steakhouse-like experience in your own home. I suggest using Alton Brown's recipe.
Choice Seasoned Standing Rib Roast $10.69/lb
This is a rib roast that has already been seasoned for you. You are you going to pay a $1 per pound for this and if you are talking about a 6 pound roast that's $6 more you are paying to have it seasoned for you. Save the money and do it yourself.
Choice Whole Beef Tenderloin $12.99/lb
Another Christmas favorite is roasting a whole beef tenderloin. It's super tender. Although I think the rib roast has more flavor. This is a good option if you want to leaner especially if you have already eaten way too many Christmas cookies.
Choice Peeled Beef Tenderloin $19.99/lb
Here is a beef tenderloin that has been peeled and trimmed for you. Tenderloin has a tough layer on the outside called silver skin that you should remove as it is not edible. It's not that easy to do. It is also missing what is called the chain meat which is small side piece of meat that has a lot of flavor and can be used to make a delicious beef sandwich. I think to save $7 a pound it is worth your time and effort to learn how to prep the tenderloin yourself. Below you will find a YouTube video showing you how.

These prices aren’t bad and are definitely better than a high end grocery store. However make sure you do a bit of shopping around. You may found better sales at large chain stores. For example, my local Meijer store will have a Certified Angus Standing Rib Roast for $7.99/lb during Christmas week. The prices are comparable to Sam’s Club as you can see in my Sam’s Club version of this post. Although my Sam’s Club did not offer the Standing Rib Roast.

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