Flavor Promise Grapes

Flavor Promise collage

Have you ever had a grape that came with a promise? A promise of flavor? That is what we have with Grapery’s Flavor Promise line. If any of these grapes disappoint you, founder Jack Pandol’s e-mail is right on the bag, you can let him know (you can let him know to if you like them!). Now these grapes may not have unique flavors like Cotton Candy or unique shapes like Moon Drops. These grapes just have great flavor as well as texture. They are grown with flavor in mind from planting to harvest. They only harvest the grapes when they are at the peak of flavor, so the consumers gets the best grapes possible.

Sweet Surrender Grapes

Sweet Surrender

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Sweet Surrender Grapes

There are some varieties under the Flavor Promise line with more varieties to come. The earliest one each season is Sweet Surrender. It is black grape that has a plum like flavor. It’s availability runs from July 20 through around Labor Day.

Sweet Jubliee Flavor Promise Grapes


Sweet Celebration Grapes

Sweet Celebration

Sweet Celebration Grapes

This is actually the grape that introduced me to Grapery in the first place. This red grape was so good that I had to do a search about who this Grapery was. I have never had a red grape that was so crisp, almost like biting into an apple. Sweet as well with just a good straight forward flavor. I picked up a couple bags of these grapes this year at Whole Foods Market. Availability runs from August 20 to October 10.

Other Flavor Promise Varieties

There are three other varieties in the lineup – Autumn Royal (October 1 to December 15), Crismon Seedless (October 15 to December 15), and Red Globe (September 15 to December). All of these grapes have had before grown by other growers, just not Grapery.

Flavor Promise Grapes

New Varieties to Come!

I have established a special relationship with Grapery and due to that I was lucky enough to be shipped two varieties of black grapes that are in the running to be added to the Flavor Promise line. How sweet is that! The grapes were different sizes with different flavors. One was more sweet, the other was a more balanced grape. Both I felt I had good flavor worthy to be added to the Flavor Promise line. I send them by feedback on these grapes. I even got a chance to suggest some names for these unnamed grapes. We will see in the coming years what becomes of these varieties.

Where to Buy Flavor Promise grapes

Look for these grapes wherever you have found any of Grapery’s varieties. You can look at my list of where to find Cotton Candy grapes in 2017

Depending on the retailers you may not seen them advertised on their own. They could be mixed in with any of the other red or black grapes. I saw the Sweet Celebration variety included in a red seedless grape sale at Whole Foods (great deal for me!). Also note that you may not see any signs telling you what exact variety from the Flavor Promise you are getting – retailers don’t always take the time to distinguish the varieties. If you want to know you can usually figure out based on the time of year it is.

Have you had any of their Flavor Promise grapes? I would love to hear what your thoughts are. Leave a comment below.

4 Replies to “Flavor Promise Grapes”

  1. Eric Thompson says:

    I just want to say that i am ‘over the moon’ when it comes to the Moon drop grapes. They are the best grapes I’ve ever had. The other Grapery varieties I’ve tried are the red seedless and the cotton candy grapes. They are amazing and superior to other brands. Good on you Grapery!

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  3. terri mertz says:

    It would be nice to have a current list of retailers.

  4. Eric Samuelson says:

    My new list is coming out shortly. I do it just for Cotton Candy grapes. There is a good chance if one store has one variety, that will have another. But no list is 100% complete. If you need help finding something in your area, let me know in the city I can help.

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