Golden Nugget Mandarin

(Last Updated On: March 1, 2011)

Golden Nugget Mandarins During my recent trip to California, I was on the look out for new varieties of citrus to try. One thing I discovered was Golden Nugget Mandarins. This mandarin variety was developed at the University of California – Riverside. The Golden Nugget has a yellowish orange skin. It has been called Pixie-like for it’s similarities to the Pixie Tangerine. The Golden Nugget arrives at it’s peak at the perfect time: right after Clementines & Satsumas are about done but before the Pixie Tangerines burst onto the scene for the year.

My Experience with this Orange (Rating Scale 1-10)
Seeded or Seedless: Seedless
Sweetness: 9
Acidity : 7
Orange Flavor: 8
Juiciness: 8

Golden Nuggets at Farmers MarketOverall Feeling: Golden Nugget is a wonderful mandarin. It has the perfect balance of sweet and tart flavor. It’s very easy to peel and a delight to the taste buds. I wish I would have bought more of these.

Availability: The only place I have seen them was at the Irvine Farmer’s Market. I do not of any stores carrying them, so your best bet may be at a farmer’s market. They should be available from February through April.

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  1. Last season I found them at the local Ralph’s Market chain in South Pasadena and in Burbank. I tried one and came back the next day and bought $35 worth. When those were gone, I went back maybe 2 weeks later to find they were all gone in Pasadena. So I drove to the Burbank Raplph’s to fine the last of them for the season. I bought them ALL.

    I’m now a Golden Nugget junkie looking to score. There are SO incredibly sweet and peel so easily that I’m in love! My quest continues because I haven’t seen any this season.

  2. Have you checked at any of your local farmer’s markets?

  3. […] It starts with the Clementines and the Satsumas, then into the New Year you have varieties like Gold Nugget and Page, towards the end of winter there are Shasta Gold, Yosemite Gold, and Tahoe Gold. Finally […]

  4. I’m tried my first golden nugget mandarin that my mom brought over to me yesterday. I asked where she got them from because they are so sweet, juicy, easy to peel, and perfect balance of sweet and tangy. The perfect citrus in my book if you ask me.

    I ask where she got them from and she found them at a grocery store called Kroger, which is a sister store of Ralph’s. They’re on sale 4 for $1.00! They’re a really good size also. I went out last night and bought 16 of them and will get more in a couple days.

    You must try the golden nugget mandarin! Delish!

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