Straub’s Fine Groceries – St. Louis, MO

Straub's Fine Groceries Sometimes the best grocery finds are the unexpected ones. I came across a nice, little grocery store by accident while visiting St. Louis, in February. We had missed our turn and we looking for a place to turn around, when I spotted a sign saying “Straub’s Fine Grocers”. So like any good foodie, I made a beeline for their parking lot. The first Straub’s store opened in 1901. They have four stores all located in St. Louis today. The store I visited was their Central West End store located at 302 N. Kingshighway. Since I was traveling I wasn’t in the market for anything that was perishable. I still enjoying looking at their great selection of meat and cheeses. The most unique thing about the store is that they had a huge selection of glass bottled sodas. And if you have visited this website more than once you know I am a fan of soda pop in glass bottles. I have never seen a grocery store with a better selection. I picked out several drinks I have never even seen before, things like River City Root Beer and Waialua Pineapple Soda.

If I am ever back in St. Louis again, I will make a point to stop at one of the Straub’s locations. And I will bring a cooler! For more information about Straub’s Fine Groceries, visit their website.

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