When are Brussels Sprouts in Season?

Question: When are Brussels Sprouts in Season?

Answer: While you have the opportunity to purchase them anytime of year, they are at their peak in October to around the start of spring. California is the number 1 producer of sprouts in the United States. It’s their supply that takes us all the way into the spring time. Brussels sprouts from a colder climate, like my home state of Michigan, can only expect to have local sprouts available until just after Thanksgiving.

Brussels sprouts are a cool season crop, that is best planted in the summer for a fall harvest. If you live in any area that experiences frost, then it’s best to let a light frost hit first before picking. This will actually improve the flavor. You can buy them as early as September here in Michigan, but they will be sweeter once the frost hits.

When buying Brussels Sprouts, if you can get them still on the stalk that is your best choice for freshness. You can place the whole stalk into a water pitcher and keep for a while in your fridge.

Since Brussels sprouts are in season around Thanksgiving, they make a great choice for a side. Pair them with some bacon or just roast them for a great side.

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  1. […] Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Walnuts | Click here for the recipe To make these sprouts, they shred the sprouts first. My wife really likes this idea, as she loves shredded cabbage. I will probably give this recipe a try, but without the walnuts, not a fan. This is a fast dish to make as when you shred the sprouts, they cook very quickly. Just make sure to not overcook them, that is why I think most people don’t like them. And if you can get them, try to find brussels sprouts that are still on the stalk. To learn more about when brussels sprouts are in season, click here. […]

  2. […] for a fast side dish for your Thanksgiving meal? A great choice would be Brussels sprouts. They are in season right now. I was watching an episode of Down Home with the Neelys – Giving Thanks. One of their side dishes […]

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