Lady Alice Apple – An Accidental Apple

(Last Updated On: February 16, 2015)

Lady Alice Apples 2015

Even thought fall has long come to an end, new apple varieties are still showing up in the stores. In the winter of new apple varietites (see bottom for list) to try, you can now add the Lady Alice apple to the list. The Lady Alice has an interesting story behind it. It was discovered by Don Emmons in his farm outside of Gleed, Washington. In the year 1979, he was culivating his orchard, when a disc from this plow hit at the bottom of a red delicious tree. The tree send out another branch which did not look like the rest of the tree. The fruit it would go on to produce was also very different than a red delicious. This new variety was thus created by accident, so the actual parents of this apple are a mystery. Upon looking at the apple it has some yellow patches that look like a Golden Delicious.

So now onto the important part, the taste. It is a sweet apple with a rich taste and enough tartness so that it’s not overly sweet. I felt it tasted much like a Honeycrisp, just not as crispy, but still quite crisp. It’s amazing for out of hand eating. I haven’t used in any baking applications, so I don’t know how it would work for that. If anyone has tried baking with them, let me know how that turned out.

Where to Buy/Find Lady Alice Apples
Here is a list of stores that have carried Lady Alice apples. Check with each store for availability. Leave a comment below to tell us where you are finding them.

Whole Foods Market
Sam’s Club
The Produce Station (Ann Arbor, MI)

For your viewing pleasure I included a video below about this amazing apple:

Check out this page to learn more about the newest apple varieties on the market.

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  1. You might also want to mention that this variety doesn’t turn brown very quickly. I’ve sliced them up in the morning, sent them to school in my daughter’s lunch, and what she doesn’t eat comes home looking almost like it did when I first cut it.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out!

  3. The origin story is pretty interesting. It appears that Lady Alice is the fruit of some unknown rootstock Emmons used for Red Delicious in his orchard. Neat!

  4. i just picked some at at the local grocers. Very very delicious. Definitely has the appeal of my favorite, the Honey Crisp. 🙂

  5. Just finished eating a Lady Alice apple and it certainly was delicious. And I’d eat one any day over a Honey Crisp, which I consider to be an overrated apple. I really hope these apples become more available in the future. The Meijer store I shop at had them a couple of weeks ago, but have since sold out.

  6. Wanda Willis says:

    I’d read about these apples a year ago and kept looking for them even asking friends to keep me posted when/if they found them. Yesterday I was at Kroger and saw a large display of them even a bin filled with them. I was excited but not having had them or hearing from friends as to their taste, etc. I only bought one.

    I’m on my way back to Kroger today to buy MORE!!!!!

    I did check out Rainier’s fruit website for Lady Alice.

    They have a recipe for Lady Alice Apple Squash soup, which I do plan on making this week.

    I just watched a PBS DVD which tells the history and cultivation of apples, among other food plants. This might add a new view on the creation of this new apple variety. Nonetheless, it’s a fascinating DVD.

    “A Plant’s-Eye View of the world: The Botany of Desire” – Michael Pollan

  7. I heard that these apples were really good, so I purchased two of them last week at my local Schnuck’s store. They were a bit more expensive then the McIntosh that I had been buying, so I just got the two so I could try them. I think these are the best apples I have had in a long time. They are crisp, sweet, with just a hint of tartness. I hope they will be available on a consistent basis.

  8. I am glad you like the apple, hope that recipe works out for you. I will have to check out that DVD, sounds interesting.

  9. Glad you found them. The apple is something you are not going to find year around, just mainly in the winter months, so enjoy them while you can.

  10. I felt they had a hint of starchiness to their taste, almost potato-like. I love honeycrisps but here in San Antonio they want a ridiculous price per pound. I only eat supercrisp apples, after letting these chill for several hours in the fridge they were perfect for me! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  11. Just had a few Lady Alice apples sold here in Jacksonville, FL and had to find out more about them. Great taste, almost pear-like in sweetness and flavor, yet also a bit of tartness. I am sure that apple lovers will love this variety.

  12. I’m NOT a friut eater.BUT bought a bag at Sams (in northwest Fl) for visiting granddaughters..I have now eaten 2BAGS myself!
    The BEST APPLE EVER!! Now, I have to wait ’til winter for MORE???
    I WILL WAIT!!!

  13. I am late to jump on the bandwagon, I just found (and heard) of these apples, my reason for buying them was because my favorite apple (Pink Lady’s) were sold out at my local produce center.. So I thought I would try it. I love them, they are definitely in my top two, and I eat a lot of apples and many varieties :). I will point out though, that I do not care for Honey Crisp apples, mainly because they taste watery IMHO.. And thanks to the OP for the background, if I were to have known the story previously I may not have bought them, because the only apple I do not like (at all) are red delicious.

  14. Eric Samuelson says:

    Better late than never. Welcome aboard. Glad you found that apple and decided to buy it.

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  16. I live on long island, ny and i just found these apples at King Kullen, omg i love them i think they have bit of an anise under tone to them. i hope we get them every year.

  17. Frances McFeeters says:

    Where can I buy Lady Alice apples in the Fort Smith Arkansas area? Thank you, Frances

  18. Michael Schmidt says:

    Although Lady Alice is better than Golden Delicious, it is certainly reminiscent of Golden Delicious in both taste and texture. I’d be surprised if Golden Delicious was not a parent.

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  20. Hello ,
    when will Lady Alice apples be available in Michigan grocery stores?
    Thank you

  21. Eric Samuelson says:

    They usually don’t appear until the winter months, after the new year.

  22. […] mellows out over time and is crisp enough to satisfy Honeycrisp fans. If you can locate it – the Lady Alice apple is released in the winter is a very flavorful, crisp apple that I like better than […]

  23. I just added them to my Bountiful Basket co-op load I’ll pick up this weekend…. 27lb case of Organic Lady Alice apples for only $32!!! I’m excited to try them! I am on a juice only fast right now so I won’t get the full impact, but I’m sure my kids will tell me how great they are.

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  26. I love the Lady Alice Apples! In fact, they are the only apples I eat. I look forward to the Winter months only to buy them! I purchase them from Wegmans Food Markets!

  27. This apple is fabulous!!! crisp and not too sweet – just as you said. Never mushy. I get mine at Harris Teeter in Chapel Hill… what a lucky find.

  28. Eric Samuelson says:

    Glad you have discovered it. Only apple I really eat this time of year.

  29. This apple is great for baking. Just core out the center, and fill with raisins and pecans. Place in covered baking dish, and bake for 50 min to 1 hr at 375 degrees.
    No sugar, syrup or water required. Skin should start to split when done. Sweetest taste and breaks apart with a fork.

  30. Found them at Sprouts in Yorba Linda, CAlif. Love them.
    Like others, only bought one as they are more expensive. Going back for more while they have them.

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