Pacific Rose Apple

(Last Updated On: April 6, 2010)

Pacific Rose Apple

I was picking a couple things up from Walmart this past Monday, and I spotted in the produce section an apple called a pacific rose. I was surprised to find an apple I had not seen before in Walmart, as I find their selection to be poor as well as the quality. I decided to give this apple a try anyway. It is a rosy red color (hence why it’s called a pacific rose). It’s a cross between a Gala and a Splendor. Some people compare it to a Fuji in taste. It is sweet, without any tartness. I thought the flavor was rather boring, since I got it from Walmart and as I previously stated they aren’t known for their high quality produce. I would hope a fresh, ripe off the tree would have more bang for it’s buck as it comes to flavor. I read one reviewer who said they tasted a tropical flavor, but I didn’t taste any of that in my sample.

I could not find much background information on this apple, except that it was developed in 1990 in New Zealand, which explains the pacific in the name. The apples are grown in the US in the state of Washington.

Where to Buy
The Produce Station (Ann Arbor, MI)

2 Replies to “Pacific Rose Apple”

  1. I purchased the pacific rose apples at our local Walmart, in Escanaba Michigan, a couple of yrs ago. This is the sweetest apple ever, very crisp. One of the best apples ever! They are seasonal so I have to keep my eye out for them. This year they must have had a bad crop, due to weather, and the pacific rose apples looked horrible. So, I will be waiting for the next crop. Cannot compare this apple to no other, when it’s a good crop.

  2. Stephanie Powell says:

    I recently got a fruit basket with a pacific rose apple included with other fruit. It is quite delicious. I want to thank the growers for coming up with this wonderful apple.

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