5 Days with My Food Processor: Fruit Puree

(Last Updated On: January 7, 2011)

Food ProcessorThis is part five of a five part series on different ways I use my food processor. This series is a part of my month long “5 Days With My Appliances” series..

In the summer months I love to pick my own fruit. This leads me to coming up with creative ways to use that fruit. Ice cream, sorbet, granita, and homemade lemonade are a few options I turn to. All of those recipes, call for fruit to be pureed before adding. A food processor is very useful for this task. It does a good job of taking fruit and making it into a uniform puree. I think the job is faster in the food processor than in a blender.

Here are some recipes that call for pureed fruit.
1. Homemade Peach Lemonade
2. Homemade Blueberry Lemonade
3. Lemon & Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream
4. Alton Brown’s Melon Sorbet

Another idea is to just puree your favorite fruit along with enough sugar for your taste. Use that as a topping for ice cream, cheescake, or whatever your heart desires. Or you can make a granita by adding a bit of water to your puree, mixing it together, and chilling in the freezer in a pan. Every 30 minutes you scrape the mixture with a fork, until you have a pan full of flaky ice crystals. Any of my lemonade recipes can be turned into granitas.