Alton Brown’s Oat Waffle

Oat Waffles This is a recipe review, which means this is a recipe that I did not personally come up with, but that I tried out and am giving my opinion on how the recipe turned out. For legal reasons I cannot post these recipes, but I can tell you where you can get them yourself.

There is so much more to the waffle world than just a plain old waffle. I have been experimenting with different types of waffles lately. Earlier this month, I wrote about a pumpkin waffle recipe I tried. Next up on my life was a new recipe from Alton Brown for oat waffles. This recipe appeared in the Good Eats episode entitled “Oat Cuisine II“. I have had his waffles before that were made from part all-purpose flour and part whole wheat flour. This time the AP flour is teaming up with some homemade oat flour. The oat flour is created by taking some rolled oats for a spin in your food processor. Below you will find my notes from this recipe. Click here for the full recipe on Food Network’s website.

1. Since no food processor currently call my kitchen home, I had to use a blender instead to make the oat flour. It took more work and I had to make sure I didn’t overheat my motor, but it got the job done.

2. The recipe calls for you to toast the oats before you turn them into flour. Be careful with this. Don’t leave the room or you might end up with a burnt mess. Just toast them until you begin to smell oats.

3. I found this batter to be more on the liquidy side than other waffle batters. Don’t worry about it. The waffles will come out great.

These are amongst my wife’s favorite waffles I have mad. They had a bit of crunch to the outside, but were nice and fluffy in the middle. I think the oats provide a better flavor than whole wheat does. And I really like the health benefits, so I think I will be turning to this recipe more often than my old favorite.

Recipe Grade: A

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