What is a Pomelo?

My mission last month was to discover and taste varieties of citrus I haven’t before. One of the things I tried for the first time is a pomelo. I purchased one to try at a farmer’s market in Laguna Hills, CA. The fruit is huge. It is the largest member of the citrus family. A ripe pomelo is light green or yellow. It is larger than a grapefruit. It has an extremely thick pith. It differs from a grapefruit in that the segments don’t have the bitter taste like a grapefruit. The flavor is like a mild grapefruit. I don’t like flavor of grapefruit, but I did like the flavor of the pomelo.

Pomelo 2How Do I Eat a Pomelo?
The membrane between the segments are not edible. Your best way to approach the pomelo is just how you would a grapefruit. Slice the thing in half and remove the individual segments (or you can follow the tips in the video below). You can also zest the pomelo and use it just as you would lemon or orange zest. A lot of people like to make candied zest out of pomelos. They are also often used in salads, particularly Asian themed ones.

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