Cheese Review: Trader Joe’s Wisconsin Mild Cheddar

(Last Updated On: December 20, 2010)

Trader Joes Mild Cheddar Type: Cheddar
Price: $3.99 / lb
Strength: Mild
Purchased At: Trader Joe’s (in Ann Arbor, Michigan)
Would Buy Again: Yes

Sometimes shopping for cheese on a budget can be a challenge. Sure there are plenty of cheap cheeses out there, but they won’t compare to the good stuff. My taste buds still remember my trip to Wisconsin this past year, when I got to sample some of the state’s finest. So how is one to enjoy cheese on the cheap, yet still be satisfied? I recently decided to try some of the Trader Joe’s brand cheeses, starting with the Mild Cheddar. It goes for $3.99/lb, which is about the same price you get block cheese on sale in your chain supermarket. I don’t think people realize it when they see a Kraft or a store brand like Kroger, selling their block cheeses for $2, it’s the same price as the Trader Joe’s cheese. Think about, those $2 blocks are 8oz a piece, times that by two, and you get $4 per pound. I can’t stress enough how important it is to look at how much you are paying per ounce for things, no matter what it is.

The quality you are getting from Trader Joe’s cheese is far superior to anything with the Kraft label. Their Mild Cheddar wasn’t necessarily the great cheddar I have ever consumed. But it might be best cheap cheese I have ever consumed. It does not have the texture of melted plastic like most of the cheap cheese you find at those big grocery stores. It is a creamy, and smooth, slightly crumbly cheese.

If you are pinching pennies and have a Trader Joe’s nearby, check out their store brand cheese selection, particularly the mild cheese. Unless your a professional cheese monger with out of this world standards, I think you will walk away happy with your purchase.

Want to learn more about cheese? Check out the link below for a great resource.

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