The Jackson Hole Soda Company

(Last Updated On: August 26, 2010)

Jackson Hole Soda Company One of my favorite soda pop makers that I have come across since beginning this site, is the Jackson Hole Soda Company. They make some pretty strong flavored soda pop. The company is out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I attempted to find out more about the company but their website is currently not working.

Where to Buy
There drinks can be found at a variety of places:
1. I purchased my bottles at Brennan’s in Madison, Wisconsin.
2. Old 52 General Store in Sabin, Minnesota or through their online store.
3. I also heard someone saying they found them at a Fred Meyer store in Burien, WA.

Jackson Hole Sarsaparilla I have reviewed 4 different Jackson Hole flavors on my site:
Ginger Beer
High Mountain Huckleberry Soda
Buckin’ Root Beer
Snake River Sarsaparilla (my favorite flavor!)

There are two more flavors that I know of, but I haven’t gotten my hands on yet:
Outlaw Orange Cream
Strawberry Rhubarb (now that is a unique flavor!)

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  1. […] I am going to review a drink perfect for an outlaw – Outlaw Orange Cream from the Jackson Hole Soda Company. The label on his drink contains two rather tough looking characters playing a game of cards, […]

  2. Eric,
    i have to agree with you on Jackson Hole Soda. I have tried the Snake River Sasparilla and the Buckin Root Beer and they are tremendous! I live out west, actually about a 4 hour drive from Jakcson Hole, where this company is based. The trouble is, I have only been able to find their product in 2 places. I look everywhere I go–which is a lot since i travel for work all over the west. i have sent messages to Bill, the owner, i have made requests at my local grocery store. all to no avail. their website is a joke. they need to link on their site places they sell their product to. if you have any contact with JHS or any influence, pleas encourage them to share a ‘where to buy’ link on their website, or beef up their sales staff and get the product out into the market place.

  3. Sorry you haven’t had much luck trying to find the sodas. I don’t have any contact myself, but will try to do when I can to get some answers for you.

  4. About the Where To Buy:
    I have found a couple of the flavors, including the Huckleberry, in Spokane Wa Fredmeyers

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