Hit the Road Snackin’

It’s road trip season.

The time of year many people will hit the road in search of new adventures.

You might be climbing mountains. Laying on the beach. Riding the roller coasters.

And most importantly of all, spending lots of money on overpriced, nutritionally void snacks at the gas station that will leave your stomach queasy from overeating……Wait…what?

Not a fan of that last one? Neither am I. That’s why this summer, we are dedicated a whole series of blog posts to better snacking when on the road.

Sure I would love to make all my own snacks for the road. Maybe for day one, but cooking or baking in hotel rooms can be tricky and tiring business. So what we are looking for in this series is to companies that are making ready to eat snacks that:

  1. Are made from better ingredients
  2. Taste better
  3. Are more healthy
  4. Are created by passionate people that love what they are do
  5. Have a story behind them

Looking for Company Sponsors

If you make a snack that fits this criteria we would love to have you on board as a sponsor. We are looking for sponsors for the campaign as a whole but also for individual posts. We will help direct people to buy your products in our sales area below and on a sponsored post. The story of your company will be told as well – to put an actual person behind the food.

You can contact us via email at eric@eatlikenoone.com

Shopping for Snacks

My simple advice to snacking on the road is to plan ahead. We spend a lot of time on deciding where we are going to go, what hotels were will book, what sights to see, etc. But I think it’s important to consider what we are actually putting into our bodies as we head out on the road to do these things.

Now it doesn’t mean you have to buy everything in advance, although I always recommend picking up some food right before you leave on the trip. We have shop section below where you can shop for snacks and have them come right to your home.

I personally love hitting up grocery stores on my road trips – you are saying of course he does, he is a food blogger! When you find a good local grocery store, you get a chance to learn more about the culture and food they eat. In the south I found lots of choices of honey. In Buffalo, New York, we found Sponge Candy Ice Cream. Our west, we fell in love with Tillamook yogurt – oh how I miss the Mountain Huckleberry flavor.

I hope this list will give you some ideas of items to look out for when your refilling your snack stash while on the road.

My kids after getting to touch the Mississippi River for the first time. This was taken in Le Claire, Iowa. We have been over this river so many times but have never had the chance to stop and take in the Mighty Mississippi.

Personal Stories on the Road

Road tripping is one of the best things we do together as  a family. I will be showcasing some of my personal photos to share our greatest road trip moments. And in case you are wondering, yes a lot of them will be involving food.

Hit the Road Snackin’

Here you will find your list of snacks that have been given our seal of approval. While not a James Beard award or a Good Food award, it’s our way of saying you need these in your car/van/SUV/truck/camper/boat/jet plane on your next trip.

More coming soon

Get the Word Out

Help get the word out about health snacking by using the hashtag #hittheroadsnackin on all your social media account. Pinterest users – we have a collaborative board up that you can pin your healthy road trip snacks ideas and creations. Contact me and I will ad you.

Shop for Snacks

Below you can do a little snack shopping. Great to have road trip snack come straight to your door so you don’t need to make a grocery run right before you leave – everyone knows how busy and often stressful the day before a trip can be. Worry about getting the laundry done, not the shopping for food.

There are two sections. One for savory snacks and the other for sweet snacks.

Savory Snacks

Sweet Snacks