How is Honeyrock Melon Different from Cantaloupe ?

What's the Difference Between a Cantaloupe Melon and a Honeyrock Melon

What's the Difference Between a Cantaloupe Melon and a Honeyrock Melon

Summertime is the peak season for melons. There is never another time of year when your melon options are so vast. Here in the midwest, we love to eat our Honeyrock melons, usually starting at the end of July. What is a Honeyrock melon you ask? Isn’t it just an cantaloupe. Keep on scrolling to learn what the difference is between a Honeyrock melon and a cantaloupe.

How is a Honeyrock Melon Different from a Cantalope?

One of those melons is the honeyrock. Now it looks a lot like a cantaloupe. Most people could easily mistake if for such. But there are some differences. The easiest way to tell them apart is that honeyrocks have ridges that cantalopes don’t. On average honeyrocks tend to be bigger in size. Now onto the important part, the taste. Honeyrocks are sweeter than cantalopes, they are also more firm. I think they have an improved texture. I am not a big melon fan, but I would pick a honeyrock over the standard cantaloupe every time. Also take note that honeyrocks are an heirloom variety of melons.

Honeyrock Melons
You can tell that it is a Honeyrock melon but the more distinct lines and increased crevices.

You can find these melons in stores from midwestern states (such as Indiana and Michigan) starting in the month of July. You can also purchase seeds online to grow your own (can’t get any fresher than that). Melons should be planted after the risk of frost is over in your area.

How to Tell if a Honeyrock Melon is Ripe?

You don’t need to be playing the Honeyrock like it’s a drum to see if it’s ripe. Simply look for the stem end. This is where the fruit was attached to the vine when it was growing. It should have a little bit of give to it. Not a lot. Definitely shouldn’t be able to push your finger through the melon. It should also feel heavy for it’s size. Place in the the palm of your hand. Does it feel heavy? If you see a lot of indentations in the melon that can be a sign that is overripe it will taste as such.

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3 Replies to “How is Honeyrock Melon Different from Cantaloupe ?”

  1. Thank you for your precise answer. Could not get an answer at the farmers market today. Good job.

  2. Eric Samuelson says:

    I am glad you were able to find the answer you are looking for. Sad that you couldn’t get it at the farmers market.

  3. Dirk Weber says:

    Great answer. I bought one of these for $2.50, and I am glad I did. Best cantaloupe type melon I have ever eaten. My melon was huge approx. the size of one of those seedless watermelons. I am not sure how to tell if is ripe, though. If you run across in store buy it.

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