Buttery Roasted Carrots

I have been on a search. A journey. An expedition to find something very common, yet way too rare. Carrots. Yes I said carrots. What is so hard about finding carrots? It’s not so much the carrot, then it is the color. I am a sucker for carrots that look like a package of Skittles. It’s how I like to taste the rainbow! I just love the subtle, yet divine difference in the flavors of different types of carrots. The ones I tried to grow myself didn’t pan out as I missed getting them in the ground early enough. No one was really growing them at the farmer’s market. The store I found them at last summer, never had any during any of my visits. Finally I was saved by a guy named Joe (he is a trader!). I bought up 3 bags of multi colored carrots. I got them ready to use in a Thanksgiving recipe that I never got done in time for Thanksgiving, but you might still need some Christmas dinner ideas! From Trisha Yearwood’s Thanksgiving show, I bring to your attention these Buttery Roasted Carrots. You can print the recipe at Food Network’s website. Here are my cooking notes:

Buttery Roasted Carrots

1. Of course you can just use orange carrots, but I prefer my carrots of many colors. Peel them and slice them on the bias.

2. One whole stick of butter may seem like a lot, that is because it is. These are buttery carrots, not fat free, so get over it. They are more yummy this way.

3. For even butter distribution, I like to place the carrots into a large mixing bowl, pour the butter all over them, then place them onto my sheet pan.

4. She suggests 25-30 minutes with a good stir at the half way point. I prefer to go just a wee bit longer to get some nice color on the carrots – another 5 minutes or so. They won’t get as brown as they would without the added butter.

5. Some fresh herbs on top is a nice addition. Dill goes really well together as they should as they in the same family – Apiaceae.

These carrots are super yummy. When I tried it with my much sought after colored carrots, even better. Very simple side dish that is very rewarding. The butter starts to brown and just coat the carrots in goodness. They are perfectly cooked this way. I am glad butter isn’t super cheap or I might be making these all the time. A special occasion or two will suffice.


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