Ojai Pixie Tangerines

Ojai Pixie

While searching the produce section of my local Whole Foods market, I am saw some samples of a tangerine called a Ojai Pixie available to try. The sample won me over so I bought a 2 lb pound bag. The Ojai Pixie has a lot of great qualities. It is completely seedless. It is very easy to peel, just like a Clementine. It has a nice balance of sweet and tart. And best of all it is juicy.

The Ojai Pixie tangerine is grown in the Ojai Valley in Southern California. It is a late season variety. It was only a couple weeks ago when they started appearing in stores. Their season is from about April to June. They are a hardy variety that can withstand some frost, which is why they are able to ripen in the winter. I am glad to have these around when the rest of the citrus is done for the year. The exact origin of this tangerine is unknown. Many believe that it come from a Kincy which is a cross between a type of mandarin and a type of tangerine.

Check your local supermarkets to see if they have Pixies, you will be thankful.

Where to Buy
Whole Foods market
Check out this website for more locations


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