When Does White Peach Season Begin (and End)?

When Does White Peach Season Begin (and End)?

One of the most consistently popular posts on my blog over the years has been the one I wrote about peach season several years back. I think that is very appropriate, after all peaches are one of my favorite fruits. There is nothing like biting into a juicy, sweet, peach that is bursting with flavor. Of course not every peach is that good (read my post on tips to finding great peaches) but when you do find one that is, it’s a moment you’ll taste buds will remember. Today, I wanted to take another look at the peach season, this time from a different perspective. I want to solely about white peaches. The story with them is a little bit different than their yellow cousins – so it’s worth exploring.

In recent seasons, white peaches have been gaining in popularity. People like them because of their low acidity and sweet flavor. What most people don’t know is that the white varieties pre-date the yellow. Head to Asia where the peach originated from and what you will find is mainly white flesh peaches. Only in the last couple decades did farmers start planting white peaches in the U.S.

When Does White Peach Season Begin (and End)?
Most of the white peaches that show up in the grocery stores are from California. I have yet to find a white peach that didn’t originate in California in a store unless it was a local white peach and that was only in a specality produce store. You basically need to go by the California peach season. This doesn’t mean that only California grows white peaches. Other states do as well. It’s just that we don’t see wide commercial production of white peaches in other states. California has been the only to really jump on the white peach bandwagon. If you are living in a peach growing state you can check your local farmer’s market or farm stand to get them. Since California is your most likely option and the earliest even if you live in a peach grower state, let’s look at the earliest white peach varieties available from some of my favorite California growers.

Spring Snow Peaches

Kingsburg Orchards
Their earliest white peaches varieties are the Snow Angel (May 1st) and Spring Snow (May 11th). Snow Angel is a really juicy white peach (read my Snow Angel review). Spring Snow has a well-rounded flavor (read my Spring Snow review) Both of these peaches are clingstone varieties.

Family Tree Farms
Their earliest white peaches are available near the end of April and beginning of May. Check out this video below to learn more about their whites.

Are White Peaches Available in the Winter?
During the winter months, peaches are limited. You cannot keep the U.S. crop in cold storage long. So there is a gap for a while. In the late winter months, you do find some peaches from Chile, but I have found for the most part those was just yellow flesh varieties. Whether they are white or yellow I don’t recomend peaches from Chile as they spend too much time in cold storage before reaching the stores, you often find peaches that are mealy or never seem to ripen properly.

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