What is Pinconning Cheese?

(Last Updated On: February 11, 2010)

Pinconning Cheese

Pinconning Cheese is named after the place it originated from, Pinconning, Michigan. It was developed in 1915. The goal was to create a cheese that was like colby, but has the ability to develop more flavor as it ages. You can tell you have a pinconning cheese by all the little holes in it, giving it an open texture. Pinconning cheese becomes sharper as it ages. It is labeled at mild in the first month to super sharp after 18 months. While you can find pinconning cheese all over the place, the original formula is only known by the original makers of it in Pinconning, Michigan. You can visit their website at : http://pinconningcheese.com/

As for uses, you can use it how you would any colby cheese. It’s great for just slicing up and eating, maybe with some crackers. An older, sharper pinconning would work very well for macaroni & cheese. I recently purchases a chunk on sale at Joe’s Produce in Livonia, Michigan.