When are Black Raspberries in Season?

When Is Black Raspberry Season

Red raspberries are something that we can find year round. The same cannot be said for their black counterpart. People sometimes get confused. Black raspberries are not blackberries – they are just raspberries that happen to be black. Blackberries don’t have the hollowed out hole at the top. Now that we got the confusion out of the way, finding black raspberries can be a challenge. In order to achieve success you first need to know when they are in season.

Black Raspberry Pint

When are Black Raspberries in Season?
The season for them is generally a short one. Begins in early July and last for 2 to 3 weeks. Black raspberries tend to ripen before most red raspberries varieties expect for the early ripening summer ones.

When is Black Raspberry Season

Where to Buy/Pick Black Raspberries?

Black raspberries can be almost impossible to find in the conventional grocery store. I cannot recall ever seeing them in a store. The only source has been the farmer’s markets, and maybe a specialty produce store. Check your local farmer’s markets during the month of July.

I did a search online and here are some farms that sells black raspberries:

Brenda’s Berries & Orchards (Chetopa, KS)
Elderslie Farm (Valley Center, KS)

Frank Farms (Berrien Center, MI)
Kapnick Orchards (Britton, MI)
Blue Dog Family Farm (Kalamazoo, MI at the farmer’s market)

Wahlfors Raspberry Farm (Long Lake, MN)

Lakeview Farms (St. Peters, MO)

Riverfront Berry Farm (Martinton, IL)

Edge of the Woods Raspberry Farm (Indianola, IA)
Heartland Farms (Waterloo, IA)

Mitchell’s Berries (Plain City, OH)
Pullins Raspberries (Haskins, OH)

Sturm’s Berry Farm (Corbett, OR)
Decker Farms (Hillsboro, OR)

Shenk’s Berry Farm (Lititz, PA)

Great Country Farms (Bluemont, VA)

What About Wild Black Raspberries and How to Pick Them?
The wild varieties have the same season. I have tons of them growing alongside the forest line. I have been taking the kids out there to pick about a pint a day over the last week or so. If you have wild ones growing in your yard expect them to be ready to pick in the first half of July give or take depending on your location. You will know when they are ready when they have completely turned black in which the berries will just put right off the plants without much effort.

Where Can I Buy Black Raspberries Plants?
Can’t find them anywhere? Why not grow them yourself. I recommend buying them from Stark Bros in the spring time, this is the best time of year for planting berries.

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