New Zealand Cheddar Cheese

(Last Updated On: June 12, 2013)

New Zealand Cheddar

When it comes to cheese, I think cheddar is where it’s at. I love to try different types of cheddar. There is an endless amount of options out there. I discovered New Zealand Cheddar Cheese produced by Mainland cheese at my local Whole Foods store on sale for $3.99 a pound. It’s a medium cheddar cheese, so it isn’t super sharp or overbearing. The ingredient list includes pasteurized cow’s milk, sea salt, cultures, and vegetable rennet. The milk comes from cows that are grass fed. This qA the 2nd type of cheese I have had from a grass fed cow and you can taste a different. It’s amazing what happens when you treat the animal right! This cheese has been aged for up to 6 months which makes it smooth and creamy. It’s color is not your typical cheddar yellow, it’s very light in color, almost white. No adding coloring here, just the bare minimum ingredients.  If your a cheddar fan and have a Whole Foods nearby, give this one a try.

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  1. joanne watson says:

    LOL. My children love this cheese but we call it bajan cheese. This is the cheese I grew up on in Barbados. I just get it when I go home and bring it back but I am so gretful for your post to know that when I am out and want some that I could get it from Whole Foods.

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