ALDI Thanksgiving Dinner Price List

ALDI Thanksgiving Dinner Checklist Price List
(Last Updated On: November 17, 2017)

Thanksgiving for under $40 at ALDI Thanksgiving turkey shopping guide price

Today is going to be a first in the 8 plus year history of Eat Like No One Else. I am going to talk about ALDI. It’s probably about time, the store has been super trendy lately. The company continues to add more stores all the time. So I thought it was time to give ALDI the Eat Like No One Else treatment. What a perfect time to do it for Thanksgiving!

In this post I am going to show you how to shop for your entire Thanksgiving meal at ALDI.

Before we get into individual prices, let me list some of the classic Thanksgiving dishes. I will then show you have to you can get what you need for these dishes at ALDI.

Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes
Roasted Squash
Roasted Brussels Sprouts
Pumpkin Pie or Apple Pie
Cranberry Sauce

That is your basic Thanksgiving menu without being ultra fancy.

I am going to list what I would buy for my family of 5. I would definitely have leftovers with this meal. I include ingredients you need to buy, like milk for mashed potatoes. Keep in mind I would have leftovers of the milk as well as the other ingredients.

Your standard frozen Butterball turkey available at ALDI.

You can pick up an already cooked smoked turkey for your Thanksgiving feast.

What is the Price of a Turkey at ALDI?

Here is what a turkey will cost you at ALDI:

Turkey Price
Butterball Frozen Turkey 99 cents/lb
Honeysuckle Frozen Bone-In Turkey Breast $1.99/lb
Butterball Smoked Turkey $1.99/lb
Kirkwood Boneless Turkey Breast $8.99 for 48oz

Clearly you can get the star of the show at ALDI. The price of their Butterball turkey is pretty standard. Nothing special. The fresh Butterball turkey is going for that same price (99 cents/lb) at Costco. It is nice that they have a smoked turkey as an option.

ALDI did not have any fresh or organic turkeys at all.

Cost for my family: 12 pound turkey for $12

In case your wondering this is how I like to cook my turkeys.

Mashed Potatoes

Here is a list of prices on potatoes to buy for mashed potates

Type of Potato Price
Red potatoes $2.39 for 5 lbs
Yellow potatoes $2.99 for 5 lbs
Russet potatoes $1.99 for 5 lbs
Medley potatoes $2.39 for 24oz bag
Bags of potatoes waiting to be made into mashed potatoes.

The cheapest potato is their Russets, a perfect choice for my No Peeling Necessary Baked Mashed Potatoes. For those potatoes you will need some butter ($2.69 for 4 sticks) and milk ($1.89 for gallon of whole milk).

Cost for my family: $6.57 (will have milk and butter leftover)

Sweet Potatoes

Your basic sweet potatoes are going for $1.89 for a 3 pound bag.

Cost for my family: $1.89

What is your squash choice: butternut or acorn?


Acorn or butternut squash were going for $1.19 each. Curious which to get? Check out my post on the differences between acorn and butternut squash.

As for how I would cook the squash, I like to combine them with sweet potatoes and do a sautee, like I did with this recipe.

Cost for my family: $1.19

I love me some roasted Brussels sprouts, especially at Thanksgiving time.

Brussels Sprouts

You have to have at least one green veggie to add to the meal, right?  While a lot of people do green bean casserole, we opt an easier, lighter option. This time of year is when Brussels sprouts are at their peak of flavor. You can slice them in half and throw them in the oven when the turkey comes out.

Cost for my family: $2.29 for 1 lb bag


I like to make gravy using a roux. I combine turkey stock, flour, and butter. The butter we already picked up and used for the mashed potatoes. You will need a stick here for 4 cups of gravy.

ALDI has turkey stock as a seasonal item. Since I am cooking a turkey why not use that instead chicken stock? The price is $1.49 for 32ounces. The all-purpose flour I will use to thicken the gravy as well as to make the crust of my pie is $1.19 for a 5 pound bag.

Cost for my family: $2.68 for the stock and the flour


I never stuff my bird. It slows down the cooking for the turkey, which can lead to dry meat. That doesn’t mean I don’t serve stuffing (or as it is called outside the bird, dressing).

I believe dressing should be a kind of a kitchen sink deal, where you throw whatever you have on hand. Dried cranberries, apples, carrots, celery, etc. Anything I need to use up in the fridge could be fair game.

Also add dried herbs you might have in your pantry. I usually clip some fresh sage from my herb garden to add to my stuffing (and the gravy as well). Let’s say you don’t have any, so I will add sage to the shopping list (it costs $1.69 for a container)

What I do want to buy my dressing is sausage. I could pick up a package of Italian sausage from ALDI for $2.99.

This is the bread I would buy from ALDI to make stuffing/dressing with.

For the bread, the best thing I found was a loaf of Italian bread. You can just cut it into cubes the night before and let it dry out. The bread costs $1.69.

I would also add the rest of the turkey stock that you need for the gravy.

Cost for my family: $6.37 for the sausage, bread, and sage

Would not be Thanksgiving without the cranberries.

Cranberry Sauce

One of my favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the cranberries. There is a reason why I have 3 different cranberry sauce recipes on the blog (my favorite being the mulled spice cranberry sauce)

Just for the basic sauce, you will need a bag of cranberries (89 cents), sugar, and water from your faucet. The sugar I recommend is Morena Pure Cane Sugar. It is less processed than normal table sugar. I feel it’s worth the cost. ALDI sells it for $1.95 for a 4 pound bag, which is a great deal. I will use the sugar for my pie as well.

Cost for my family: $2.84 for all the ingredients

Organic canned pumpkin is available at ALDI.

Pumpkin Pie

The final piece of the meal has to be the pumpkin pie. I am someone who opts for fresh pumpkin everytime. But if you are doing all your shopping at ALDI that isn’t an option. The second best choice would be to get organic canned pumpkin which costs $1.39 for a 15oz can.

I like to make a homemade crust. It’s not too difficult and cheaper than buying a pre-made crust, much tastier too. You already have the flour and the butter.

You’ve gotta add some spice to that pie. Organic cinnamon is going for $1.99 for 1.7oz container. ALDI does not have a big selection of spices. I would also get some ginger and/or nutmeg to go with the pie.

Cost for my family: $2.84 for canned pumpkin and spices

The Final Cost – $38.67

So when you add up all the items I  mentioned above your total comes to $38.67. Yep for under $40 you got yourself a full Thanksgiving meal that would feed a family of 5 and probably have full leftovers for the next day and some leftovers for the following day. Not too bad at all.

Here are a few extra items you could add to the meal if you like.

Salt and peppers grinders are a nice bonus to have for your guests on each table.

Peppercorn/Salt grinders

Nice addition to have on the table for your guests would be a some fresh pepper and salt ( $1.79 for a grinder). Freshly cracked pepper is a thing of beauty. It’s always nice to have a little extra salt. Pick from either sea salt or the beautiful pink Himalayan salt.

Peanut Oil for Frying a Turkey

In case you want to deep fry your turkey you can get peanut oil at ALDI for $9.99 for 128 fl oz.. It’s a special seasonal item. That is a pretty good price too for that much peanut oil.

Not into pumpkin pie? Make a pie with these frozen berries instead.

Other Pie Options

If your not in the mood or like pumpkin pie, here are some other options to make pie fillings with:

Filling Price
Frozen blueberries $2.29 for 120z
Frozen medley berries $2.09 for 12oz
Granny smith apples $2.99 for 3 lbs
Honeycrisp apples $1.99/lb
Pumpkin pie soda you say? Sounds weird. I have had it. It’s delicious!!!!

Pumpkin Pie Soda

If you do like pumpkin pie, why not try a pumpkin pie soda? Maine Root makes really delicious, high quality sodas. Their pumpkin pie soda is super tasty and not overly sweet for my tastes. It would be kind of a fun thing to have on the table, especially for the kids. A  4 pack goes for $4.99.

Do you plan to do your Thanksgiving shopping at ALDI? What did you or will you buy? Leave a comment below.

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  1. We shop at Aldi as much as we can. We usually buy a lot of items we know we will eat and spend anywhere from $100-150.00 dollars but then we have a long time before we need to go again. The closest one to us is 55 miles and it has been closed for remodeling. It is now open and we plan to shop next week. Strategicly trying to avoid the crowds that we knew the opening would bring. Can’t wait as we are out of a good deal of items. Some needed for Turkey Day Will buy stock, pumpkin, vegetables Sprouts for sure., carrots, cabbage, apples, among other things. LOVE Aldi stores

  2. Eric Samuelson says:

    Thanks Cindy for sharing. It’s kind of out of the way for me to go so don’t end up there every often. We got a lot of grocery options here in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

  3. Kelly Vermilion says:

    Aldi has great frozen, pre-made, roll-out pie crust, too! It’s located it in the dairy section.
    (I think it tastes better than Pillsbury’s)

  4. Eric Samuelson says:

    Kelly, thanks for the tidbit. I prefer to make my own crust, but for those that don’t or can’t then that would be an option.

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